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This modded Switch controller enables you to play games with one hand

A favorite modder has designed and built a Switch controller that’s created for one-handed play, and it’s really open to buy now.

As of this moment, there is no official one-handed Switch controller, if you don’t count the average person Joy-Cons, however in most cases even those aren’t designed to be utilized with just one single hand. Thankfully, in the name of accessibility, there’s now another option. It could look just a little wonky initially, but watching modder Akaki Kuumeri use their creation to play Breath of the Wild kick butt in Smash Bros. Ultimate helps it be look surprisingly intuitive.

Hypothetically, suppose you’ve got a red Joy-Con and a blue one. You’ll utilize the red as you normally would if it is mounted on the Switch’s official controller adapter, however the blue one’s buttons and joystick will be facing a table or other hard surface so that you can press the joystick contrary to the surface and angle it with the palm of one’s hand. Additionally, there are extensions for the buttons on the blue one to enable you to easily reach them with exactly the same hand.

As IGN notes, the modder can be in charge of gifting the planet this one-handed PS5 DualSense adapter, that was released back January. The Switch adapter works similarly. You get the adapter to add to your existing Joy-Cons, and you may easily swap the left and right Joy-Cons based on your dominant hand.

If you are interested, you can examine out the adapter on Etsy (opens in new tab), where it’s for sale for approximately $200.

Once you have got your controller, listed below are the best Switch games to play.

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