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This Netflix TV drama in regards to a Korean attorney on the autism spectrum is really a global hit

Netflix includes a new crowd-pleasing hit from Korea on its hands. Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which debuted by the end of June, has been the #1 series on among the four charts that the streamer publishes weekly (Top 10 non-English TV series) for 14 days in a row now. In the 7-day period that ended June 17, for instance, this feel-good series garnered 45.5 million hours of viewing time globally.

For comparison, that could have put it at #3 at the top 10 English TV series for the week. It could be just behind Stranger Things 4 and Resident Evil.

The show that is also in the streamers Top 10 in its category in 22 countries at this time focuses on the type of attorney Woo Young-woo. Once she assumes a case, because the shows writer Moon Ji-won put it within an interview with Netflix, it requires a turn that viewers cannot have observed before somewhere else.

Despite having autism spectrum disorder and facing prejudice throughout her life, the brilliant attorney slowly wins over colleagues at her lawyer by noticing details and legal loopholes that escape everybody else.

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Netflix Korean dramas

From Crash-Landing you to Vincenzo, Itaewon Class, and much more, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is consistent with among the best areas of Netflix that doesnt get close to the attention of its top English shows like Stranger Things.

In a nutshell, the streamer houses some truly stellar Korean dramas that resonate with audiences all over the world.

The shows are nearly always gorgeous to check out, with off-the-charts production values. Theres genuine character development, thoughtful storylines, and dedication to quality. In a nutshell, everything that Ive felt are missing from a lot of Netflixs top domestic titles lately. And Extraordinary Attorney Woo proves no exception. In recent days, clips from the brand new show also have gone viral on TikTok. Such as this one below thats amassed over 1 million views:

By the time of the writing, the show includes a percent 100% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. I centered on her sincere heart, actress Park Eun-bin said about playing Woo, within an interview incorporated with Netflixs press material. I didnt desire to limit this character, therefore i was really available to all possible options in expressing her heart freely. She actually is this type of spirited and courageous person, and I could learn a whole lot out of this character.

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