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This Woman’s Boss Sent A “MANY THANKS” Note To HER HUSBAND After Making Her Work Overtime, And I’m Seething

Because the cost of living continues to go up, increasing numbers of people are reporting an over-all displeasure making use of their work lives. Earlier this season, CNBC reported that about 62 percent folks workers say they’re living paycheck to paycheck and, in conjunction with receiving low pay, feeling disrespected by management was on the list of main reasons why many left their jobs.

Among nurses probably the most turbulent positions to carry through the pandemic just a little over one-third say are going to leaving their positions by the finish of 2022. And, following this “Many thanks” card started making the rounds online, you can imagine why.

Recently, following a trend of completing mandatory overtime at the job, a nurse came home to get that her husband received the next letter from her boss, which reads: “Many thanks for sharing your lady, as she’s been mandated to work many times in the last couple of months. We certainly notice that this took her from her family.”

Though that’s quite enough to elicit feelings beyond frustration, the letter continues, “Please know we appreciate her and many thanks for sharing whenever we desperately needed her.”

Obviously, the letter was met by cringes, and incredibly good questions wondering why the husband was obtaining a “many thanks” rather than the nurse, who actually did the task:

“‘Thank you for sharing your wife’ is among the most cringy things I’ve ever read in my own life. Along with everything, as a female, it certainly reads like they’re thanking the husband for sharing his property. I understand they don’t really mean it like this but easily am a specialist, I don’t need anyone sending a many thanks card to my hubby. It is possible to thank me directly, many thanks quite definitely.”


Other doctors chimed directly into say these were disappointed, however, not surprised by what of a healthcare facility:

“That is a few of the cringy crap hospitals are doing to attempt to keep staff. They won’t increase wages regardless of what. They’ll throw pizza parties at us, essential oils, cheap gift cards, and distribute cheap corporate swag, painting rocks because we rock, along with other useless crap. Not pay money and hiring more staff.”


Among others who could relate with something similar happening within their separate fields shared their very own stories:

“I once did a complete bucket load of overtime alongside several associates going to a crazy target our boss had set showing off to his manager. We’re discussing staying in any office until 10 p.m. most nights for some weeks.

We each got a 30 voucher to an Italian restaurant. I’d favour received nothing. “


“I acquired among those a couple of years ago. I have been working 1618 hour days for approximately 2 yrs straight with absolutely zero time off, all because of horrible decisions by upper management.

After one particularly horrible six-month period, the executive team called a gathering with eight folks. They gave us about $50 worth of gift cards and a typed card thanking us (and our families) for several of the effort.”


Following the thread went viral, the nurse, who goes on u/SolitudeWeeks on Reddit, shared, “THE PRINCIPLE Nursing Officer got wind of [the viral post] and stopped the practice,” so that it appears like they’re finished with sending out “many thanks” cards. However the damage was already done. “It had been more of a slap in the facial skin compared to the $10 gift cards they gave out but quickly ran out of,” she concluded.

NOW I AM curious, what’s the worst “gift” you’ve ever received at the job? I want to know in the comments.

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