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Thousands stranded as Chinese tourist island expands Covid lockdowns

The provincial capital city of Haikou, with about 2.9 million residents, and two smaller towns, Ledong and Chengmai, locked down its residents on Monday, in accordance with state media reports.

At the very least eight cities and towns, with a combined population around 7 million, said their residents should never leave their current address aside from necessary reasons such as for example Covid tests, food shopping or essential job roles. In addition they suspended public transport services.

The measures will remain set up for varying periods, with the shortest scheduled for a couple hours, state media reports show.

About 25,000 tourists were stranded in Sanya, the hardest-hit city in Hainans outbreak and the hawaiian islands key tourist hub, by Sunday. Although cities have said tourists can leave after Covid tests, many were frustrated concerning the disruption.

In the Hainan city of Qionghai, that is scheduled to be locked down for three days, all flights at Qionghai Boao Airport scheduled for Monday were canceled due to public security reasons.

Nationwide, China reported 807 locally transmitted virus cases for Sunday, which were 324 symptomatic and 483 were asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said.

There have been no new deaths, keeping the nations fatalities unchanged at 5,226.

By Sunday, mainland China had confirmed 231,266 cases with symptoms, including both local patients and symptomatic international travelers.

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