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Three People Shot And Injured At Six Flags Great America In Illinois

Six Flags and Gurnee are trending on Twitter after Chicago Tribune reports that three individuals were injured in a shooting in the parking large amount of the Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, Sunday night. The parks communication specialist Rachel Kendziora said the shots were fired in one vehicle that immediately drove away following the shooting. Two of the victims are increasingly being evaluated at a location hospital. However, the 3rd victim declined treatment. Authorities havent released the victims ages and genders.

Following a shooting, Six Flags Great America closed the park down early, and all guests and associates departed beneath the direction of the Gurnee Police Department. Unfortunately, this shooting comes just months carrying out a mass shooting on July 4th. Once we previously reported, 22-year-oldRobert Bobby Crimo III was taken into custody after he was named as an individual of fascination with the Highland Park, Illinois, shooting that claimed the lives of six people and left a lot more than two dozen others injured.

Officials say they believe Bobby fired from the nearby rooftop in which a high-powered rifle was later recovered. A recently available update from ABC News on July 27th states Bobby is charged with 21 counts of first-degree murder, three counts for every victim. Also, prosecutors said 48 counts of attempted murder and 48 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm (for every person hit by way of a bullet, bullet fragment, or shrapnel).

In a statement, Lake County States Attorney Eric Rinehart said, Our investigation continues, and our victim specialists will work night and day to support those suffering from this crime. As well as the charges, authorities believe the mass shooting have been planned for weeks. You can find no other updates for the Six Flags shooting, but police is investigating.

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