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TikTok Reviews Flagged Content Allegedly Advertising Smuggling Visitors to UK

Chinese-owned social media marketing platform TikTok said on Tuesday that its reviewing content that seems to advertise smuggling people in to the UK.

It employs this content was flagged byBritish media outlet GB News.

The videos, a few of which were delivered to the broadcaster by an unnamed audience member, may actually target Albanian-speaking migrants who wish to visit the UK.

Among the videos shows a sequence of footage beginning with a parked Wizz Air flight with the captain saying Rinasan Albanian villageto streets in Brussels and Paris, then to the French coastal city of Dunkirk, before showing a map of the English Channel, filled with the term water, a laughing emoji, and British and Albanian flags.

The video then shows the River Thames in London, and what appear to be rubber boats along with other equipment, with a caption that means, We have been not the only real ones but we have been the very best.

An English caption then appears: Ready for 27/7/2022, 4500, guarantee 100 [percent]. Albanian with Kurdish. Welcome to UK.

Crossings were advertised in the videos for 4,000, 4,500 or 5,500 per person, with one poster labelled summer sale offering to smuggle an individual for 3,500.

After GB News contacted TikTok on the videos, a spokesperson for the platform said this content was under review and can be banned.

Our policies declare that to avoid users from participating in life-threatening activities or being exploited by others, content depicting, promoting, coordinating, or facilitating human smuggling isn’t allowed on TikTok, the spokesperson said.

I’m currently reviewing this content with the relevant language support, the accounts flagged will tend to be banned according to policy mentioned previously.

In accordance with GB News, TikTok had banned four accounts flagged by the broadcaster.

A spokesman for the UKs OFFICE AT HOME said: Posts utilized by people smugglers to market lethal crossings are totally unacceptable and requires social media marketing companies to activate in dialogue to avoid their platforms [from] being exploited.

The federal government is tackling this online disinformation, recently launching our very own social media marketing campaign to warn folks of the risks of the deadly journeys and expose the lies sold to vulnerable people by inhumane smugglers.

In accordance with official figures,the amount of people smuggled in to the UK from France in small boats hassoared recently, with 28,526 people detected in 2021, in comparison to 8,466 in 2020, 1,843 in 2019, and 299 in 2018.

By Aug. 2,some 17,085 illegal immigrants had found its way to 2022.

Lily Zhou


Lily Zhou is really a freelance writer mostly covering UK news for The Epoch Times.

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