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TikTok Shares New Insights into How Gaming Marketers Can Connect to Audiences in the App

TikTok has published a new overview of key gaming content trends and behaviors in the app, and how marketers can utilize the conversation as a way to improve their messaging among its rapidly expanding audience.

As explained by TikTok:

Gamers from all over the world flock to TikTok to generate and revel in gaming content. Actually, over fifty percent of TikTok users watch gaming-related short video content daily. The immersive, full-screen, sound-on short video format lends itself perfectly to sharing gameplay clips, walkthroughs and tutorials, cosplay along with other types of game fandom.

Over fifty percent thats plenty of gaming-related engagement in the app. Expanding with this, TikTok also notes that those within its gaming audience follow around 12 business accounts, normally.

TikTok gaming insights

To be able to utilize this, TikTok advises that brands should turn to create a natural persona for his or her business that aligns with one of these trends, while also connecting with their own traits and values.

Take into account the components of your game that align authentically with TikToks culture, and build upon some of these key components to determine a brandname personality that stays consistent across your TikTok content.

TikTok says that brands then have to consider their content approach out of this perspective, incorporating in-game footage, company assets, and much more, and reforming them into TikTok trends.

TikTok is about shared inspiration. Have a look at the FOR YOU PERSONALLY page, see what’s working from other videos, and think the method that you could apply elements to your personal content. You may also utilize the Trend Intelligencetools inside our Creative Center to get trending hashtags, creators, sounds, and much more.Consider mixing various kinds of elements: play with sounds, effects, text overlays and tools to fine-tune your storytelling.

TikTok also says that behind-the-scenes insights could work well within short-form clips, alongside promotions for in-game elements.

Game developers should also create a long-term plan of attack, which covers all of the various elements in a thorough strategy.

TikTok gaming insights

They are some valuable notes, which largely apply beyond the gaming realm alone, and its own worth taking into consideration how these pointers match your TikTok strategy, and the way you too can lean into similar gaming-related trends.

Gaming is arguably the main element driver of modern pop culture, with nearly all the most famous online identities now having at the very least some linkage back again to the gaming community.

Thats been further solidified recently, with the pandemic making game platforms a far more social, connective space, and that enhanced, expanded using in-game environments is actually the framework of the evolving metaverse push.

As more youngsters save money amount of time in these digital environments, that establishes more habitual, embedded habits, that may eventually inform how they turn to connect in every capacities, professional and recreational, within the next stage.

With this thought, its worth taking into consideration the connective value of gaming, for several brands, and whether there might be a way in to the broader gaming discussion for the products.

There wont continually be a fit, but as these stats from TikTok show, for all those that can discover a way in, you can find big opportunities in experiencing the ever-expanding gaming conversation.

It is possible to read TikToks full Content for Gaming Marketers guide here.

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