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TikTok’s Viral Pink Sauce Has Found Its Solution to a brandname Deal

Only three weeks since Pink Sauce bathed our TikTok feeds in electric-pink-hued controversy, the goopy condiment has rebounded from its food-safety-fueled fall from grace. On Wednesday, Daves Gourmet Sauce announced that it’ll produce Pink Sauce on a commercial scale this fall, partnering with Pink Sauce creator Chef Pii to advertise a shelf-stable version that’s simpler, dairy-free, and clean of any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

The pr announcements insistence on safety is really a nod to Pink Sauces initial downfall. In July, as rancid-smelling bottles of the concoction (some that had exploded in transit) attained the doorsteps of awaiting consumers, ire and scrutiny quickly replaced any semblance of allure round the supposedly sweet, spicy, and tangy condiment. Food scientists and disgruntled Pink Sauce recipients argued that the perishable saucewhich listed milk among its ingredients but notably lacked preservatives and storage instructionswas unsafe for consumption. Chef Pii conceded to the flaws of her product and its own rushed rollout, promising to implement better safeguards for future shipments.

Instead of culminating in a cautionary tale, warning of the incompatibility of TikTok virality and a safe-for-consumption food product, Pink Sauce has found itself a redemption arc. Is majorly flopping on TikTok and selling an allegedly spoiled product, actually, the trick sauce to achieving mass-scale commercial success?

Citing Chef Piis mass following and 154 million views on TikTok, Daves Gourmet Sauce suggests in its news release that her virality (whatever the means by which that virality was achieved) piqued their interest, carrying with it the potential to utilize a consumer market. Daves Gourmet is otherwise known because of its suite of pasta sauces and hot sauces, sold at nationwide retailers like Whole Foods, Walmart, and Amazon. (Chef Pii didn’t immediately react to obtain comment.)

The youth of today have their fingers on the pulse of what their contemporaries want but might not have the data, ability or capital to create something idea to advertise quickly, safely and on a big scale, Daves Gourmet wrote in todays news release.

As a self-proclaimed Youth of Today, Im skeptical that TikToks pulse ought to be the ultimate barometer of success with regards to consumer goods. Taking advantage of short attention spans, TikTok leverages aesthetics most importantly, allowing visually appealing (and nutritionally questionable?) flubs to slide through the cracks. TikTok has already been notorious for things such as platforming harmful and unproven weight reduction remedies, which promote a toxic ideology around body image to its young audience. If Pink Sauces success story inspires other Youths of Today to generate questionably safe foods, maybe legitimizing the sauce isnt the solution.

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