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Tim Hortons really wants to settle location-tracking lawsuits with coffee and doughnuts

Tim Hortons has decided to settle multiple class action lawsuits that accused the business of tracking customers’ locations through its app without consent. Beneath the proposed settlement, which takes a judge’s approval, eligible customers in Canada will get a free hot drink and baked good. Put simply, in exchange for the location data, the restaurant chain will provide you with coffee and a doughnut.

Within an email to customers, the business said it’ll delete any geolocation data it obtained from their website between April 1st, 2019 and September 30th, 2020, and tell third-party vendor Radar Labs to accomplish the same. A study conducted by Canadian privacy officials determined last month that the Tim Hortons app was tracking and recording users’ locations every short while, even though they didn’t have the app open. The probe determined that the business and Radar Labs didn’t have sufficient consent from users for that degree of tracking.

Tim Hortons have not admitted to any wrongdoing and isn’t thought to have misused the info. In addition, it avoided disciplinary action.

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