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Timothe Chalamet: Its tough to be alive now with social media marketing

September 4, 2022 | 4: 16pm

Timothe Chalamet admits its tough to be alive within an era defined by social media marketing.

To be young now,also to be young whenever I could only speak for my generation is usually to be intensely judged, the actor, 26, said throughout a press conference at the Venice Film Festival, per E! News.

Chalamet who was simply promoting his upcoming Bones and All film told reporters that it had been a relief to play a character named Lee, who was raised in a period a long time before platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok existed.

Timothée Chalamet
Timothe Chalamet spoke with reporters at the Venice Film Festival about being young now amid age social media marketing.
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Without casting judgment on that, youcanfind your tribe there, but I believe its tough to be alive now, he explained.

I believe [a] societal collapse is in the air or it has the aroma of it and, without having to be pretentious, thats why hopefully movies matter, because thats the role of the artist to shine a light on whats going on.

Timothée Chalamet
I believe [a] societal collapse is in the air or it has the aroma of it, he said.
Getty Images

On Friday, Chalamets latest flick received a 10-minute standing ovation after its premiere at the festival.

The Luca Guadagnino-directed horror movie, which doubles as a coming-of-age story, occurs in the Ronald Reagan-era USA, as two teenage cannibals from Indiana Lee (Chalamet) and Maren (Taylor Russell) hit the street searching for the latters missing father.

90th Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon - Arrivals

The actor’s breakout role was in 2017’s “Call Me By Your Name.”

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Born in 1996, Chalamet is really a person in the Zillenial generation — and therefore he’s on the cusp of Gen-Z and the Millennials.

Mike Marsland/WireImage

Chalamet confessed he can barely remember what the planet was like before social media marketing.


2020 National Board Of Review Gala

The actor is generally cast because the protagonist in coming-of-age stories.


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The Italian filmmaker previously chose Chalamet to lead his 2017 queer-romantic drama Call Me By Your Name, which occurs in Italy in 1938. His critically lauded performance as 17-year-old Elio marked the actors breakout role following movies global success, which also propelled Guadagnino, 51, in to the international spotlight.

Since that time, Chalamet has starred in a variety of coming-of-age stories that have huge variations of genres, from the cult-classic sci-fi Dune to Greta Gerwigs adaptation of the timeless tale Little Women to the Shakespearean historical-fiction epic The King.

Regardless, Chalamets bold statement to the press still paled compared to his consider the premiere of Bones and All that same day, with the actor igniting a frenzy upon walking the red carpet in a ruby-hued backless halter top and matching slacks.

The Haider Ackerman-designed look was reportedly custom-tailored for the stunning Boy actor as hed seemingly adapted the fit from the brands 2018 womenswear collection.

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