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Today’s STATE OF THE ART Items from IGN Deals Twitter

Everybody knows the web is filled with weird, random, unnecessary stuff to get but those folks who’ve self control know much better than to actually grab our wallets whenever we see them. This short article proves that a lot of of us actually, don’t have self control. Each day, we’re rounding up the very best 5 items which the IGN Deals social audience purchased. Scroll below to see what today’s state of the art items were and where one can buy them on your own.

Note: if you are no impulse buyer or maximilist, scroll at your personal discretion.

Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection [4K UHD]

Game of Thrones: THE ENTIRE Collection [4K UHD]

Just how that GoT has people in a chokehold… And yes, the 8th season is really a section of this collection. Do what you would with that information.

BMO Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch

BMO Charging Are a symbol of Nintendo Switch

Adventure Time stans please rise. Who doesn’t desire to turn their Nintendo Switch right into a cute little BMO?

10-count 6-sided Dice


10-count 6-sided Dice

A whole load of dice being bought from the Twitter crowd. Not entirely sure why however the public has spoken. For $1.99 each, you will want to I assume.

Funko Pop! House of Dragon - Syrax


Funko Pop! House of Dragon – Syrax

House of Dragons also offers you all in a chokehold. I don’t blame you though because this Funko Pop looks kinda sick.

Inglourious Basterds [4K UHD]

Inglourious Basterds [4K UHD]

That is a clear must-have purchase. No more explanation is necessary.

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Christi is IGN’s Social Commerce Editor tracking deals, discounts, and much more for @igndeals. Sometimes she also writes. You could find her on Twitter at @caliatownsend.

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