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Today’s Wordle Answer #435 August 28, 2022 Solution And Hints

Wordle puzzle on a smartphone

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Today’s Wordle answer is really a 4.4 on the 6-point difficulty scale, so it is a sharp contrast to the mildly difficult puzzles we’ve had all week. Luckily, we solved it in three tries, which continues the lucky strike we’d with yesterday’s puzzle.

We wish exactly the same winning streak for you personally, so we’ll reveal today’s Wordle answer and share the procedure that helped us reach the solution in record time. If you are the type of player who prefers to resolve the puzzle by themselves, we’ll provide tips and hints that may nudge you towards the solution.

Today’s word isn’t an especially uncommon one, but its letter combination isn’t very straightforward. It has three vowels: A, U, and E, in the next, third, and fifth positions respectively. You can find no repeated letters, and the initial letter is G. The term describes a thin cotton fabric with a loose, open weave (via Wikipedia), mostly useful for dressing wounds. Does that help? If you are still unsure, here’s another hint: the term rhymes with “claws.” We’ll reveal the solution in the next section, which means you probably shouldn’t scroll any more if you need to solve the puzzle yourself.

You may use the perfect solution is word for draperies

Wordle puzzle on a smartphone


The solution to today’s Wordle puzzle (#435 August 28, 2022) is gauze. Gauze is mainly used to make reference to the cotton fabric useful for surgical processes, however in technical textile-manufacturing terms, this is a weave structure where weft yarns are arranged in pairs and crossed before and after every warp yarn, thereby holding the weft firmly set up (via Merriam-Webster).

The etymology of gauze is pretty hazy. Etymonline reports several likely origins. It may be from French “gaze,” that is of uncertain origin. It is also apt to be from Arabic “gazz,” this means raw silk; or from Gaza, a Palestinian city though to be linked to the production of the fabric.

Our first guess today was the term slate, that is WordleBot’s new favorite word. From then on, we tried the term cadre, and had enough info to show all tiles green by the 3rd guess. WordleBot could have solved the puzzle in four guesses, exactly like yesterday, so we officially have an absolute streak. Hopefully it’ll continue into tomorrow.

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