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Top House Republican Slams Treasury Department for Refusing to research Hunter Biden’s Foreign Financial Activity

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) slammed the U.S. Treasury Department on Saturday for refusing to research Hunter Biden and his familys suspicious foreign financial activity.

Its unacceptable that the Treasury Department continues to perform cover for the Biden family and perhaps hide information regarding whether Joe Biden benefited financially from his familys business transactions, Comer said inresponseto the Treasury Departments formal rejection of his requests.

Comer, a ranking member on the home Committee on Oversight and Reform, noted that Hunter Biden have been previously flagged over 150 times by U.S. banks regarding suspicious foreign wire transfers made out to him and James Biden.

Republican lawmakers have alleged that a few of these transactions originated from Chinese entities, totaling $165,000.

The Republican lawmaker has previously demanded twice that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen probe Hunter Biden, his family, and associates concerning the flagged transactions.

Once the department responded to his requests on Friday, they called the accusations preliminary and unverified tip-and-lead info on possible violations of law.

Jonathan Davidson, the Treasury Department official who penned the letter to Comer, also stated the department would only react to appropriate requests from committees of jurisdiction. a possible indication that the department won’t respond if Democrats aren’t up to speed.

Comer clapped back at the department, accusing the Biden administration of changing the guidelines to prevent an effective investigation.

We are in need of more info about these transactions and when Joe Biden has benefited financially from his familys dealings with foreign adversaries, Comer stated. This is a matter of national security to learn if President Biden is compromised.

The American people deserve answers, and Republicans use the energy of the gavel next Congress to obtain them, he added.

The Kentucky congressman has been probably the most vocal Republican lawmakers in demanding that Hunter Biden and his familys suspicious financial transactions be probed.

In July, Comer demanded Hunter Bidens wealth advisor, Edward Prewitt, start the familys bank records with regards to the Biden familys international dealings, Breitbart News reported.

He also told Breitbart News that when Republicans manage the House following the midterms, they intend to investigate the allegations that President Joe Biden nearly sold one million barrels from the U.S. Strategic Pressure to a Chinese-state-owned gas company with financial ties to an exclusive equity firm co-founded by Hunter Biden.

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