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Toronto In accordance with: Actress Emily Hampshire

Schitts Creek star Emily Hampshire is bringing her latest film, THE FINISH of Sex, directed by Sean Garrity, to the Toronto Film Festival.

And she shared insights about fest and city with THR.

What I miss most about not coming to TIFF through the pandemic is

The excitement of seeing a movie on the silver screen and knowing its an Oscar contender in half a year. Seeing it having an audience is fundamental compared to that.

What I dont miss about TIFF is

The long lines! No-one likes lines. Anywhere.

My only in Toronto moment is

Since iconic pink gummy bear-looking monument each time Im booked at The Soho Hotel & Residence for a movie or TV shoot. Thats my second home.

What Ive missed most about Toronto as a city is

Having the ability to walk to wherever I have to go. I loved living close to a 24 hours Rabba convenience store. Oh, and Tim Hortons immense coffee with two creams.

The largest challenge working festivals through the Covid era is

Selfies, huggers, and how exactly to execute a warm-yet-touchless Hi!!

The main one place I must visit when in Toronto is Booyah ice cream!. They will have this Cookie Monster flavor thats just droooool. You may also get yourself a giant ice cream cookie cake to go on it to another level.

The area I avoid through the festival is

Yonge and Dundas Square. Wait, I usually avoid that intersection. An excessive amount of chaos!

The best Canadian director/talent is (and just why)

My BFF and former Toronto roommate Jacob Tierney just because a) he cast me in two of his movies (The Trotsky and Good Neighbors) and b) were focusing on a fresh show together! Its a remake of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, and hes the showrunner.

Probably the most Canadian thing about Toronto is How locals pronounce it, where in fact the second T is silent: TO-RON-O.

The thing I wont travel with (besides my phone) is..

I travel with everything because Im always traveling. Im an expert packer. I’ve something!

Or can you mean without? If so, my stuffed yeti son, Stumbs. He flies carry-on!

In Toronto it is best to

Have a PRESTO card so that you can visit a streetcar or take the subway on a whim.

In Toronto you must never

Pronounce it: TO-RON-TO.

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