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Totally Legit MSNBC: ‘White People Turn Violent IF THEY DO NOT GET Their Way’

In this bout of You Cant ENSURE IT IS Up, MSNBC Already Did

Its almost like MSNBCs twin race-hustlers, Tiffany Cross and Joy Reid, are locked in an everyday contest where they try their damnedest to concoct probably the most ridiculous race-baiting lie of your day. Far when i can tell, its just about a dead heat. Toss in justice correspondent for THE COUNTRY, Elie Mystal, using one of these shows, and that days race is in the bag. It creates for great entertainment, needless to say, and the delusion is epic.

In reaction to Donald Trumps recent ill-advised warning (threat) that there will be big problems in the united kingdom if hes indicted an irresponsible statement, given the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, enjoy it or not Mystal went full-metal Mystal. As transcribed by NewsBusters:

The reason for the problem, needless to say, is Trump himself and his MAGA acolytes themselves, and the those who are ready to do the violence in Trumps name.

Again, Im not, I assume I wish to say that Im not surprised that hes threatening this because, A, hes literally done it before. And B,that is literally what conservative white folks do if they dont obtain way. They turn violent.. . . White people turn violent if they dont politically obtain way.All of the damn amount of time in this country.Its what they do!

Stop the nonsense for one minute. Imagine the outrage on the left if whenever a black person or band of black people considered violence, Fox News host Tucker Carlson declared:

That is literally what liberal black folks do if they dont obtain way. They turn violent. Black people turn violent if they dont politically obtain way. All of the damn amount of time in this country. Its what they do!

Ladies and gentlemen, journalists Tiffany Cross and Elie Mystal:

Mystal continued:

Therefore, from the perspective of a black person, Im similar to, welcome to a global that Ive been surviving in, America. Because now, what we’ve is white domestic terrorists threatening to show violence [sic] against non-black people.

Cross ignorantly purposely so agreed with Mystals racist rant:

Right. And youre not opining. That statement is rooted ever sold, in fact. In case you are a good modest student of history, you have observed this scenario play out many times.

The worst part is these folks know just what theyre doing and just why theyre carrying it out. In the same way race-hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton did and became millionaires consequently.

Barack Obama was unavailable for comment.

Incidentally, violent Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa anarchists AKA: peaceful protesters who rioted across America, looting, torching businesses, threatening residents with violence, and in a number of cases indiscriminately killing people were also unavailable for comment.

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