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Toyota Prius set to disappear from SUPER GT in 2023

The Prius has been portion of the Japanese sportscar series lower GT300 class because it was initially introduced in 2012, filled with a hybrid system, nonetheless it will undoubtedly be replaced by way of a new Toyota model becoming produced by apr for 2023.

Apr boss Hiroto Kaneso revealed that the brand new car will undoubtedly be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon next January, and clarified that you won’t be in line with the forthcoming 2023 Prius road car.

Toyota wants us to help keep [the exact model] a secret for the present time, but development is ongoing, Kaneso told What I could say is that it’s a Toyota, with hybrid power.

Due to the way the regulations are, weren’t likely to do a similar thing again. Its not just a GR86, not just a Supra, not just a Prius, it’ll be something completely new, something that will undoubtedly be fun to check out, like, wow, look at that!

Kaneso also confirmed that there is only going to be considered a single exemplory case of the brand new Toyota model next year, joking that other teams wont want to buy!

The Prius (pictured in 2015) was competitive in GT300 in its original mid-engined guise

The Prius (pictured in 2015) was competitive in GT300 in its original mid-engined guise

The Prius first utilized by apr in 2012 featured a mid-engine layout, and took the team to back-to-back runner-up championship finishes in 2015-16 with Koki Saga and Yuichi Nakayama, and third invest 2018 as GT500 champion Kohei Hirate partnered Saga.

However the introduction of a front-engined version of the Prius for the 2019 season to adhere to new regulations heralded a significant slump in competitiveness.

The revised model didn’t score a spot in its first season and contains largely struggled since, even though #31 car of Saga and Yuhki Nakayama won this past year at Autopolis carrying out a Balance of Performance break that has been reversed for the next race.

After three seasons of running two Priuses, apr removed the hybrid system from its #30 entry upon the front-engined models 2019 introduction, and for the existing season replaced the non-hybrid Prius with the brand new GR86 GT.

Apr is running two different models of car this season for the first time since 2015

Apr is running two the latest models of of car this year for the very first time since 2015

This car has proved more competitive compared to the sole remaining Prius up to now in 2022, scoring its first podium finish last periods at Suzuka last month with Manabu Orido, Hibiki Taira and Yuta Kamimura sharing driving duties.

In comparison, Saga and Nakayama have yet to complete in the points this season, having taken a best finish of 11th at Fuji.

Apr produced three GR86s this year, using its own entry complemented by additional cars run by Inging and new-for-2022 SUPER GT team Shade Racing.

Asked if he expected the amount of GR86s on the grid to improve next year, Kaneso revealed that another company besides their own is likely to build its version, without naming the firm involved.

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Shade Racing (pictured at Okayama) also scored its best finish of 2022 at Suzuka with seventh

Shade Racing (pictured at Okayama) also scored its best finish of 2022 at Suzuka with seventh

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