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Toyota reaches potential $150 million U.S. settlement over fuel pump recalls

NY — Toyota Motor Corp. reached funds potentially worth $150 million to solve U.S. class-action litigation linked with recalls around 3.36 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles whose defective fuel pumps might lead to engines to stall.

An initial settlement was filed on Wednesday night in federal court in Brooklyn. It needs a judge’s approval.

The settlement covers owners and lessees of a large number of Toyota and Lexus vehicle models stated in the 2013 to 2020 model years and built with Denso low-pressure fuel pumps.

Drivers complained that defective pumps caused vehicles to “run rough,” lose engine power, and stall, especially at low speeds.

Toyota has said problems were reported more regularly in the southern U.S., where weather is warmer.

A lot more than 5.8 million vehicles worldwide were recalled in 2020 and 2021 on the defect.

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Beneath the settlement, Toyota will extend warranties for the fuel pumps to 15 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first, and offer drivers with complimentary loaner vehicles and towing choices for repairs.

Drivers could also seek reimbursement for prior repairs, including for loaner vehicles and towing.

Toyota and its own affiliated supplier Denso International America Inc., that was also a defendant, didn’t admit wrongdoing in agreeing to stay.

“We have been very happy to have resolved this litigation in a manner that demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with an excellent ownership experience,” Toyota said in a statement.

Dee Miles, somebody at the Beasley Allen lawyer representing the plaintiffs, said the settlement offers a “full remedy” for drivers.

“The worthiness of the settlement continues to be being analyzed by experts, but in line with the initial analysis we fully expect that settlement value to exceed $150 million,” he said within an email.

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs may seek around $28.5 million for legal fees in achieving the settlement.

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