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Trader Joe’s Zhug + Greek Yogurt = the best Chicken Marinade

Deputy food editor Hana Asbrink has 24 hours in your day and 379 what to have finished. In her monthly column, Shortcut to Dinner, she lassos overachieving products showing weeknights whos boss (its Hana).

Chicken thighs certainly are a weeknight dinner mainstay and it’s really obvious why. They’re fast to get ready (particularly when boneless), hard to overcook, and take well to a variety of applications. Today, were highlighting their versatility with a flavorful marinade that also doubles as a dip.

Zhug (sometimes spelled zhoug) is really a powerhouse green sauce with origins in Yemen, though its enjoyed widely through the entire Middle East. It often contains cilantro, chiles, oil, garlic, and spices, and packs a welcome wallop. When I don’t possess a good amount of herbs and chiles at the ready for homemade zhugor enough time to create itI turn to my deli-case standby: Trader Joe’s Zhoug Sauce. Seasoned with cardamom and cumin seeds, TJ’s version is merely the helper I want if it is 5 p.m. and I still have no idea what to lead to dinner.

Prepared zhug works as a condiment or spread, but really flexes its muscle when coupled with Greek yogurt for a very tasty marinade that also tenderizes meat. Yogurt tames a few of zhug’s heat, rounding out the fiery edges using its cool tang. In this recipe, it will come in handy twice, as a marinade and sauce, also it can shine a lot more ways through the entire week (create a double batch!): as a salad dressing tomorrow, sandwich spread the very next day, and on.

Zhug aside, I cannot discuss weeknight dinners without discussing the broiler. Through the summer especially, this humble oven setting delivers charred flavor in a nutshell orderwithout warming up the complete apartment. Who requires a grill if you have a broiler? I tell myself every summer. Not me.

Because of this chicken, begin by lining a sheet pan with foil (you will be glad you did come clean-up time) and setting a rack inside. Place the marinated chicken thighs along with the rack (any excess marinade creates an A+ crust). Broil at the best setting and soon you begin to see some charring action across the edges. Take away the sheet pan, flip the chicken, and keep broiling until its gloriously crispy. Because the meat rests, warm-up some store-bought flatbreads (I love the Trader Joe’s Indian-Style Flatbread here), utilizing the same broiler set-up for one minute per side.

A straightforward tomato and onion salad makes an excellent accompaniment. You may use wedges of any ripe tomato you have (we like Campari or cherry); the juices get slow with some salt, such as a built-in dressing. And soaking the onion slices in cool water really helps to remove their bite and improve their crunch.

Summary everything into little parcels with torn bits of flatbread and a lot of zhug yogurt for dunking. And keep plenty of napkins nearby.

Platter of chicken on white tablecloth.

Store-bought zhug as well as your broiler will be the shortcuts to juicy, charred chicken with out a grill.

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