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Trans Mega-Ta-Tas In Clown World Canada

Decline and Fall

Shop class teacher now says he’s a female — and wears plastic megaboobs to school. Diversity!

Trans Mega-Ta-Tas In Clown World Canada

We have been ruled by insane people. After all that literally: we’ve manufactured a society where everyone must bend over backwards to support the insane. Like this man above, a transgendered woman who wears massive prosthetic tits to his job AS A HIGHER SCHOOL TEACHER in Canada. Reduxx, the feminist online magazine, writes:

The media has been confirmed as from Oakville Trafalgar SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Oakville, Ontario.

The person observed in the photos and videos is really a Manufacturing Technology instructor who allegedly began identifying as a female this past year. The teacher now goes on the name Kayla Lemieux.

Understand this lunatic:

That freak gets his jollies by dressing like this in shop class, before a lot of senior high school boys. More from Reduxx:

Reduxxreached out to OTHS administrators for comment, plus they did concur that Lemieux happens to be employed at the institution, but refused any more questions.

Oakville Trafalgar SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL is overseen by the Halton District School Board (HDSB), which includes begun promoting gender identity ideology in schools recently.

Behold the video:

Some students have recorded images of the trans teacher at Oakville Trafalgar SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Ontario, Canada and hook them up to social media marketing:

Andy Ng (@MrAndyNgo) September 17, 2022

The Toronto Sun reports that the institution will the stand by position the teacher:

Actually, Shuttleworth said the employee will undoubtedly be supported, adding the teacher is totally accepted and welcomed in to the school community so far as the staff can be involved.

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Insane. Even though you were likely to the stand by position this trans teacher, the guy shouldn’t have the proper to wear massive fake boobs. He could be forcing the complete school to take part in his fetish — and the institutional leadership is permitting it.

We reside in a crazy society that’s increasingly not worth defending. Why on the planet do we allow disturbed and perverted people in our midst to possess their way? Why do we defer in their mind, rather than expecting them to conform reasonably to expectations. That man should be told to take his plastic megatits out, or resign. How come that unreasonable?

I cannot await the backlash. Cannot wait. The scary thing is … there could never be considered a backlash. We would be so damned demoralized as a individuals who we just accept it and move ahead.

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