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Trea Turner: Mandatory to learn plan if Cubs contact free agency

Trea Turner: ‘Mandatory’ to learn plan if Cubs want him originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

MILWAUKEE Trea Turner does not have any significant connections to Chicago or the Cubs.

Hes from Florida. His wifes from NJ. They both visited college in NEW YORK. And Wrigley Field amounted to flyover country once the star shortstop went from Washington to LA last summer in the trade that sent him and Max Scherzer to the Dodgers from the Nationals at the deadline.

But he does know this much with regards to the Cubs, if Jed Hoyer reaches out attempting to create a connection this winter:

Hed have to hear Hoyers so-far elusive plan and even-more-elusive timeline for his Rebuild That Shall Not Be Named.

From learning how this technique works from speaking with other guys, I believe thats mandatory, Turner said throughout a conversation with NBC Sports Chicago on his pending free agency and the Cubs before Wednesdays Dodgers-Brewers game.

From multiple organizations, youd need to know what they expect or where its going or what theyre attempting to do sort of a vision, he said. Whatever that vision could it be is. But I believe thats mandatory.

You should know the way the next couple of years look and how that concerns your household as well as your career, he added. Its definitely one factor in deciding on a team.

That Cubs vision has had on an elevated sense of significance, or even urgency, with both Hoyers and chairman Tom Ricketts assertions during the past week that the Cubs intend to be aggressive with offseason shelling out for free agents.

Turner, 29, is among the top hitters in the upcoming free agent class, joining another consecutive bumper crop of available shortstops likely to likewise incorporate Carlos Correa of the Twins and Xander Bogaerts of the Red Sox.

MLBs fastest player also offers 25-homer power, a batting title, a 2019 World Series ring and All-Star selections days gone by two seasons.

Hes one of the elite shortstops in the league at this time, said one guy who ought to know, one-time Cub Nomar Garciaparra, a former batting champ and six-time All-Star shortstop, whos now section of the Dodgers broadcast team.

Garciaparra can be a man whos able and willing to provide Turner insight into playing for the Cubs.


I really like Chicago. Ive always loved the town, Garciaparra said. Id say Chicagos the best city; Bostons the best town, and L.A.s home. THEREFORE I got pretty lucky.

But thats the way the place is in my own heart. I’d tell that to anybody. I’d simply tell him, Garciaparra said. But everybodys different what they feel, what they see, or what they know.

Even though the Cubs were to create Turner their top target this winter, its not clear if they could have an unobstructed as well as competitive shot at him.

The Dodgers havent had any extension talks with him, however they dont have any hot-shot shortstop prospect sitting on the sidelines, and young second baseman Gavin Lux who came up in the Dodger system a shortstop doesnt have the glove to suggest hes a viable substitute for backfill because the everyday big-league solution or perhaps a competitive team.

They’re likely to saddle him with a qualifying offer (tying him to draft-pick compensation) and discuss returning exactly the same approach they took with last years departing All-Star shortstop, Corey Seager.

I’d want to be here, said Turner, who reportedly managed to get known initially this past year he was chapped at the trade that sent him to another coast last summer. Whatever it really is, from nearly every angle you consider it, it looks like [the Dodgers] will be the best in baseball, or among the best. This place rocks !.

Id prefer to be here, and hopefully they have the same way, they would like to have me. But if thats a conversation for later, this offseason, then Im looking towards it.

That doesnt mean Turner hasnt already gathered some intel on the Cubs on the way.

Hes talked with former teammate and friend Yan Gomes since Gomes signed that two-year contract with the Cubs on the winter and chatted up Ian Happ during All-Star festivities last month.

I’ve no opinion myself apart from it looks like everyone who plays there really, really likes it, he said, and Im sure thats for numerous reasons, whether its the annals, or the group of fans, or how they run the business, or the fans just turning up on a daily basis they pack that place out.

I believe its cool that those guys enjoy it that much.

But thats so far as he takes it. Also it might be so far as the Cubs get, even though they target him at the very least until he could hear the type of answers he’d have to make the largest professional choice he could reach make in his career.

Turner said he doesnt have a summary of priorities hell look for a destination this winter or perhaps a priority, he said.

But that mandatory information on the vision and timeline Turner would want from the Cubs, or any unfamiliar team, could possibly be huge.

How huge one factor that becomes in the big-market Cubs efforts to land any free agent(s) they need looms among the more intriguing questions to answer for an elite-revenue team that’s undergoing its second multi-year rebuilding process in ten years.

Bogaerts and Aaron Judge both told NBC Sports Chicago that may be a factor within their decisions if the Cubs were to call. Correa said his talks with the Cubs last winter went nowhere fast because of the rebuilding status.

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Turner said he was surprised to start to see the Cubs inflate their championship core following the 2020 division title and ownerships unwillingness to weather what Ricketts called biblical losses through the pandemic but quickly suggested it shouldnt be surprising, given his recent experiences with the Nationals.

If the dog owner wants to do something differently, they do whatever they would like to do, he said. Sometimes which has regarding play on the field, and sometimes it doesnt. Obviously, in the event that you play good baseball each year and nothing goes wrong, then you can certainly easily keep attempting to win. But if something goes bad and ownership really wants to change directions, theres very little that you can do about any of it.

I believe its unfortunate, he added, when teams decide they need to rebuild or not compete or anything you desire to call it.

Or, because the case may be, whatever you may not desire to call it.

Concerning the only thing Turner appears to know for certain is he has put himself in better position than most entering free agency, within another historic class of shortstops, with to be able to earn another ring in the coming months sufficient reason for a wholesome appreciation for what comes next.

The majority of our careers are spent with one team or being told how to proceed, he said. Which is the onetime that you will get to check out on your own and do what you would like to accomplish. Im looking towards it. Its plenty of pressure, though plenty of different varieties of answers to be enjoyed.

But youre in charge; youre in the drivers seat, so when an athlete thats what you need.

Plenty of different answers to find. Mandatory ones, even.

And when the Cubs have sufficient of these, to opt for enough of this aggressive spending they promise, well, an added thing Turner knows is he seems to just like the batters boxes sufficiently at Wrigley Field to execute well in his 13 career games there.

Well see, Turner said. Well see.

You won’t ever know.

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