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Trey Lance Has Quiet Showing vs. Texans as 49ers’ O-Line Gets Criticized on Twitter

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All eyes were using one man for the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA 49ers during Thursday’s preseason game contrary to the Houston Texans.

That is Trey Lance’s team now after SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA traded around select him with the No. 3 overall pick of the 2021 NFL draft.

While he’ll ultimately be judged with what he does in the standard season, Thursday was a chance to build on his impressive showing in the preseason opener contrary to the Green Bay Packers when he went 4-of-5 for 92 yards and something touchdown.

He didn’t seize his chance.

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA didn’t put an individual point on the board during Lance’s three drives, punting twice and failing woefully to convert a fourth-down attempt. The second-year signal-caller went 7-of-11 passing for 49 yards and largely relied on underneath routes and checkdowns.

Portion of the problem was the offensive line, as some on social media marketing described:

Matt Barrows @mattbarrows

Shanahan conundrum: More snaps for Trey Lance or have him continue steadily to play behind C-minus-level offensive line? (And I’m being kind).

Rob Lowder @Rob_Lowder

Kyle Shanahan pulling the plug on Trey Lance, and I dont blame him one bit. That offensive line wasnt it. It rhymes and that means you know its true. #49ers

David Lombardi @LombardiHimself

The 49ers led the league in YAC when Garoppolo was healthy illustrates the significance of Trey Lance refining that short-game accuracy. SF gets the weapons to perform with it however the place has be placed precisely

Frank Schwab @YahooSchwab

OK, I probably must have waited for the 49ers to play tonight before that Trey Lance love letter on the pod @CharlesRobinson

Bonta Hill @BontaHill

Did those reps help Trey Lance?

Dr. Nirav Pandya, M.D. @DrNiravPandya

Offensive line play tonight for the 49ers bad for Trey Lances injury risk.

Rob Lowder @Rob_Lowder

Getting toasted and allowing your defender to obtain practical Trey Lance’s throwing arm is really a surefire solution to enter the doghouse. #49ers

David Lombardi @LombardiHimself

Trey Lance has appeared to nail down the mechanics of the play-fake boot toss on the defensive end, and that is a significant staple to understand in this 49ers offense

David Liechty @BackcountryFam

Really hoping this showing drives Trey Lances value down in fantasy

Akash Anavarathan @akashanav

Trey Lances ball placement is a tiny bit more questionable tonight and the OL hasnt been helping him one bit

Lance spent a lot of his evening scrambling out from the pocket and coping with pressure from Houston’s defensive front. While there are many playmakers around him in the 49ers offense who could thrive in a quick-hit offense to ease a few of that pressure, it had been surely a concerning register the preseason finale.

If SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA doesn’t tidy up a few of the protection issues, Lance may struggle in the growing season opener on Sept. 11 contrary to the Chicago Bears.

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