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Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan’s New WWE Salaries Revealed After Raises

Triple H (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Several WWE executives, including Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Stephanie McMahon, received raises fortheir new roles following retirement of longtime chairman VinceMcMahon in July.

Nitish Vashishtha of Ringside Newsprovided the updated salaries Friday in line with the company’s latestfiling with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission:

  • Triple H:$730,000 (old salary) to$900,000 (new salary)
  • Stephanie McMahon:$730,000 to$1.35 million
  • Nick Khan:$1.2 million to$1.35 million
  • Frank A. Riddick III:$850,000 to$950,000

After Vince’s retirement, WWE announcedhis daughter Stephanie and Khan will be promoted to co-CEO status,while Triple H took over because the head of creative.

The SEC filing noted Riddick, WWE’schief finance officer, will retain that role while also now serving asthe company’s president.

Triple H ($1 million) and Stephanie($750,000) have additional salaries as on-screen performers, per Ringside News. All executives also receive equity grants: $3.6 million for Khan and McMahon, $2.4 million for Riddick and $1.6 million for Levesque.

Changes to the merchandise since Triple Htook over creative control have drawn mostly reviews that are positive. Thenine-time WWE champion has taken an old-school feel to the weeklybroadcasts, with an increase of backstage segments and a willingness to useslower story building.

He’s also pushed some new faces up thecard, including some former NXT talents he caused whileleading WWE’s developmental program. Which has created an infusion of much-needed fresh storylines in the last couple of months.

On Friday, Triple H told BT Sport’sAriel Helwani (via Zack Heydorn of PWTorch) it’s “surreal” tomake all of the key decisions concerning the creative direction of theon-screen product:

“I could look at some a lot of things in mycareer and also now, to state that I’m in this place where I havecreative control of WWEof the biggest sports entertainmentcompany that there’s ever been on earth, like, it’s hard toeven consider. It’s overwhelming and is this type of massiveresponsibility. Attempting to fill Vince’s shoes for some reason, whichcan’t be achieved by one individual, but attempting to step into those in anyway shape or form is merely overwhelming, nevertheless, you just go and do thejob. Hopefully, you take action well and folks dig it.”

The WWE schedule rolls on Saturday withthe Clash at the Castle pay-per-view at Principality Stadium inCardiff, Wales.

Pay attention to Ring Rust Radio for several of the hot wrestling topics. Catch the most recent episode in the ball player below (warning: some language NSFW).

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