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Trump is raising money from his proposed civil service purge

Former President Trump’s political operation is fundraising from his intend to radically remake the federal workforce.

Why it matters: Fundraising appeals invoking the program on Thursday indicate the Trump team sees it as a potent messaging device because of its grassroots supporters.

Driving the news headlines: Trump’s fundraising emails on Thursday pegged his nascent plans to gut employment protections for thousands of federal employees to his longtime “Drain the Swamp” slogan.

  • “I want One to bolster our Official Drain the Swamp Fund,” the emails pleaded, requesting $45 contributions to Trump’s Save America fundraising committee.

The picture as a whole: Trump’s plan would revive a group of federal employment dubbed Schedule F.

  • Reserved for officials in policymaking and national security roles, it could allow another Trump White House to fire federal workers en masse and replace them with people regarded as more loyal to Trump and his policy agenda.
  • “As your President, I implemented Schedule F in order that Presidents may have the opportunity to FIRE federal employees who have been BYPASSING democracy because of their own benefit,” Trump’s political team wrote in the fundraising email on Thursday.

What they’re saying: President Trump campaigned on draining the swamp of the corrupt special interests and do nothing bureaucrats,” spokesperson Taylor Budowich told Axios in a text.

  • “Joe Biden and the Democrats been employed by to revive big government and its own among the reasons voters are so prepared to throw them out of office in November.

Between your lines: Conservatives have long harbored suspicions about politically hostile federal employees.

  • Trump’s administration supercharged those suspicions with allegations of a sprawling “deep state” impeding his agenda.
  • Supporters have cheered his Schedule F proposal in an effort to quickly and comprehensively purge the federal workforce of ostensibly disloyal civil servants.

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