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Trump: NY AG James Lawsuit ‘Continuation of Witch Hunt’ –

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday on FNCs Hannity that NY Attorney General Letitia Jamess civil lawsuit was a continuation of a witch hunt.

Trump said, She campaigned onto it four years back. It had been a vicious campaign, andshe just discussed Trump, and we have been going toindict him, and we are likely to gethim. She knew nothing about me. Inever heard about her.

He added, She said that people will gethim. Her whole campaign was basedoff that. Then she came after us. We havebeen exceeding this for a long time. Iactually thought because ourvalues are actually high, thecompany is excellent. I built a greatcompany. You take places likethis in so a great many other places. Ihavelike this, frankly, just amongthe finest places anywhere inthe world. Iactually thought that theywould never bring the case, andshe brought it. The reason why I thought was becauseshe didnt have an incident. Iwas of the impression that shewanted to stay, but I had aproblem because how can you paysomething, even though the smallamount of money if youre notguilty? This isjust a continuation ofthe witch hunt that began when Icame down the escalator of Trump Tower.

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