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Trump WH: CONTRACEPTIVE Mandate Is Unnecessary Due to Planned Parenthood, Which Well Also Defund

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The Trump administrations argument for letting plenty of employers opt out of covering contraceptive isnot exactly bulletproof.

Yesterday, Vox reported that the Trump administration is considering an easy exemption to Obamacares mandate on contraceptive coverage, in accordance with a leaked draft of the proposed rule. If passed, the rule allows just about any employer, not really a religious one, to eliminate contraceptive coverage from its insurance coverage if contraception violates the organizations religious beliefs or moral convictionsan easy and murky standard.

But, in a curious twist, portion of the Trump administrations justification for the move depends on the existence of a huge selection of Planned Parenthood clinics, a lot of that your White House is actively attempting to close by defunding Planned Parenthood.

Because the draft textexplains, the administration believes days gone by rationale for Obamacares contraception mandate is insufficient. The document lists the key reason why this is actually the case. Heres one of these:

You can find multiple Federal, state, and local programs offering free or subsidized contraceptives for low-income women, including Medicaid (with a 90% Federal match for family planning services), Title X, health center grants, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Based on the Guttmacher Institute, government-subsidized family planning services are given at 8,409 health centers overall. Various state programs supplement Federal programs, and 28 states have their very own mandates of contraceptive coverage as a matter of state law. For instance, the Title X program, administered by the HHS Office of Population Affairs (OPA), provides voluntary family planning information and services for clients predicated on their capability to pay.

The option of such programs to serve probably the most at-risk women identified by IOM [Institute of Medicine, now referred to as the National Academy of Medicine] diminishes the Governments fascination with applying the Mandate to objecting employers.

The implication here’s that since you can find already programs like Medicaid and Title X to greatly help low-income women afford contraception, the necessity that a lot of employers provide no-cost contraceptive is less pressing.

But there are always a handful of glaring contradictions here: To begin with, of the 8,409 health centers offering Medicaid and Title X family planning services, as cited in the rule, 817 of these are run by Planned Parenthoodthe very group that Congress and the administration want to exclude from using Title X and Medicaid funds to supply healthcare.

Trump has already signed a bill into law allowing states to exclude Planned Parenthood along with other providers who offer abortions from receiving Title X family planning fundingnever mind that Title X funding can be used exclusively for nonabortion services. Beyond that, there are many more proposals moving through governmentincluding in the Houses American HEALTHCARE Act and in the Trump budget proposalto withhold Medicaid along with other federal dollars, including Title X, specifically from Planned Parenthood.

The issue with the White Houses logic boils right down to this: Because the nations largest provider of federal Title X-funded care, in 2015 Planned Parenthood centers served a lot more than 40 percent of women nationwide using Title X-funded family planning carea whopping 1.58 million patients. But if Planned Parenthood can’t get a single federal dollar to supply contraception along with other family planning carean oft-repeated goal of the Trump administrationthen these nearly 1.6 million low-income patients will suddenly lose their family planning care. And today their employers might not cover that care either.

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