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Trumpworld speculates about “flipped” aide after FBI search

Trumpworld is abuzz with speculation about which close aide or aides has “flipped” and provided additional sensitive information to the FBI about what former President Trump was keeping at Mar-a-Lago, sources tell Axios.

Why it matters: Trump’s orbit is always an environment rife with mistrust and paranoia. Now, that’s intensified.

Catch up quick: Monday’s search revolves around the handling of government records — and whether Trump has been honest with federal officials.

  • In a detail that seems too novelistic to be true, a focal point of the search was … the Mar-a-Lago basement.

Christina Bobb, a lawyer for Trump, told The Washington Post his lawyers held discussions with the Justice Department this spring over materials held at Mar-a-Lago.

  • Bobb said Trump’s legal team searched through two to three dozen boxes in a basement storage area, hunting for documents that could be considered presidential records, and turned over several items.
Secret Service agents guard Mar-a-Lago on Monday. Photo: Terry Renna/AP

Bobb told The Post that in June, Trump lawyers showed DOJ investigators the boxes, and they looked through the material.

  • She said the investigators didn’t think the storage unit was properly secured. So Trump officials added a lock.

FBI agents broke through that lock during the search, Bobb said.

  • The FBI removed about a dozen boxes that had been stored in the basement storage area, she said.

Go deeper: CNN timeline of classified-documents investigation

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