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Twitter Is Finally Testing an Edit Button

Taylor Lyles


Sep 1, 2022 4: 05 pm


Sep 1, 2022 3: 59 pm

Yes, it really is happening: Twitter is testing an attribute which will permit you to edit your tweets.

In a recently available post, Twitter confirmed that the Edit Tweet feature happens to be undergoing “internal testing.” After the testing has concluded, the Edit Tweet feature will roll out to Twitter Blue subscribers later this month, in the same way Twitter noted earlier this season.

A tweet from the business today confirmed that the feature is currently in use on the website:

in the event that you see an edited Tweet it is because we’re testing the edit button

that is happening and you will be okay

Twitter (@Twitter) September 1, 2022

Twitter notes that users can edit tweets several times but only within 30 minutes following the tweet has been published. In line with the image Twitter shared, that you can view below, it seems the Edit Tweet feature will disclose whenever a tweet has been altered, alongside an edit history.

“Edited Tweets can look having an icon, timestamp, and label so it is clear to readers that the initial Tweet has been modified,” your blog post notes.

A picture of an edited tweet. | Image: Twitter

An image of an edited tweet. | Image: Twitter

Twitter finally testing an Edit Tweets feature is a very long time coming. Twitter’s VP of consumer product Jay Sullivan noted earlier this season that the capability to edit tweets have been “probably the most requested Twitter feature for several years.” Former CEO Jack Dorsey was reluctant to include the feature during the past, even going so far as saying in 2020 that Twitter would “probably never” add the feature.

The inclusion of an edit tweet feature seemed more realistic in April when Elon Musk became the biggest shareholder of Twitter. And the next day, Musk visited the platform to distribute a poll on whether users wanted an edit button.

Taylor may be the Associate Tech Editor at IGN. It is possible to follow her on Twitter @TayNixster.

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