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Twitter Publishes New Strategy Guide for Businesses and Professionals

Researching to optimize your tweet strategy, and obtain more from your Twitter efforts.

This may help – Twitter has launched a new guide for businesses and professionals, with a heap of key pointers, stats and ideas to help get your Twitter strategy on the right course.

The guide carries a selection of notes on why brands should use Twitter, and what forms of engagement the app sees.

Twitter Business Guide

Additionally, there are checklists for the main element basics in establishing your Twitter presence for optimal impact.

Twitter Business Guide

Okay, its pretty basic, and its own targeted at those getting started, as Twitter looks to increase its ad spend heading in to the holiday shopping period.

But there are several valuable notes and pointers here, including tips about just what brands ought to be tweeting:

Twitter Business Guide

(Worth noting that Twitter in addition has advised that hashtags might not be advisable if youre attempting to drive clicks on a web link, as it could distract from the primary focus response)

That is also sort of interesting:

Twitter Business Guide

Twitters also included a simple overview of how exactly to measure tweet success, which, again, is definitely pretty basic. Nonetheless it could help enhance your approach. Maybe.

Twitter Business Guide

Yeah, its entry-level, and theres no groundbreaking new info included here. But if you are seeking to revise your Twitter strategy, and make sure that youre experiencing all opportunities, then it might be worth downloading the guide and looking at the tips.

It is possible to download Twitters starter guide for businesses and professionals here.

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