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Twitter Tests New Labels, Control Options When Switching Between Latest and Home Timelines

Twitters checking out yet another substitute for give users more control over their tweet experience, with updated descriptions and icons when switching between your algorithm-defined and latest tweet timelines.

Twitter timeline update

As you can plainly see in this example, the brand new presentation helps it be just a little clearer which timeline youre viewing, and how exactly to switch between them, which will make it easier for users to comprehend how exactly to control their very own tweet experience.

As noted, its the most recent in an extended type of Twitter updates made to give users more control over their on-platform experience.

In the last year, Twitter has added:

The equipment and features could fundamentally change the tweet experience as time passes, as users choose more private sharing, essentially segmenting what have been public discussion in the app.

Which had been Twitters driving ambition, to function as virtual town square, where everyone might have their say on anything they like, anytime. But as social media marketing usage has evolved, more folks have shifted from public sharing and only smaller groups, to avoid the criticism, and reputational risk, which can be connected with posting everything in public areas for several to see.

Which explains why Twitters now attempting to lean into this, using its algorithm controls providing another customization element which will help users define their very own tweet experience.

Its not just a big change in the broader scheme, since it doesnt add any direct functionality, therefore. But it will make it just a little better to manage your personal Twitter experience, aligning with this particular broader shift.

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