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Two-Minute Teaser: IWeek Rundown from Aug 1 through Aug 8

For the week of August 1, InformationWeek offered up a number of stories that dove into cloud outages, including Lessons Learned, compiled by Sal Salamone, managing editor of Network Computing. Sal recapped the major outages from recent months and explored what caused them to begin with. This consists of CloudFlare in June, Microsoft Azure also in June, Google Cloud back March, and many more.

The series includes stories on resiliency and preparations CIOs could make for cloud outages, the debate among lawmakers about setting new resiliency standards for the cloud, and whether losses could be recovered after cloud outages hit.

Editor-in-chief Sara Peters combed through the archives of InformationWeek to construct a 15-year retrospective of our news coverage from significant cloud outages, like the Amazon Outage of Easter 2011.

In other content, the week also saw a full-length podcast, with this channel, with GoDaddys CTO Charles Beadnall, where we discussed innovation, experimentation, and deployment in a post go-fast, break things world.

Approaching for the week of August 8, InformationWeek includes a piece on data collection and privacy in the aftermath of the Supreme Court dismantling Roe v Wade. Many companies are designed around gathering data from customers, but will their business models be sustainable within an era when private information might are categorized as scrutiny from some state authorities?

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