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U.S. Sends Ukraine $600 Million In Military Supplies As Kyiv Pushes On Stunning Counter Offensive


The U.S. will send one more $600 million in military aid to Ukraine, Biden Administration officials announced on Thursday, a move welcomed by Kyiv since it pushes to create on the successes of recent counteroffensives but which draws renewed focus on unfulfilled promises of support from European governments and requests for long-range missile systems.

The U.S. announced another $600 million package of military support for Ukraine.

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The package provides Ukraine with an increase of of the arms, munitions and equipment which have helped Kyiv rebel Russian forces and reclaim large swathes of captured land, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

Blinken said the delivery has been carefully calibrated to help make the most effect on the battlefield also to strengthen Ukraines hand at the negotiating table.

President Joe Biden has managed to get clear that the U.S. will continue steadily to support Ukraine so long as it requires, Blinken added.

The shipment marks the 21st time the U.S. has pulled military supplies from Pentagon stores to assist Ukraine since September this past year and brings the full total value of U.S. military assist with around $15.8 billion since Biden took office, Blinken said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky praised your choice in a tweet Friday morning, saying that the countrys forces have proved its efficiency on leading.

Together well win, Zelensky added.

Key Background

Ukrainian forces have recaptured large regions of occupied land and forced Russian troops to flee in a number of devastating counteroffensives in recent weeks. The rapid gains, among Ukraines most striking successes of the war, have already been facilitated by military intelligence and weapons from its allies and the struggles of Russias military. While experts caution against calling the rapid progress a turning point in the war, Kyiv has been keen to press the benefit and re-upped demands the U.S. to talk about advanced long-range missile systems. Moscow has warned that such equipment would cross a red line and drag the U.S. in to the conflict, but Washington has managed to get clear it does not have any intention of changing its strategy, which it believes works well. Ukraines successes also have drawn new focus on unfulfilled promises for aid and waning support across Europe, that is dealing with an evergrowing energy crisis and soaring costs of living stemming from the war. Ukrainian officials have singled out Germany specifically, accusing it of dragging out arms deliveries enjoy it did with implementing sanctions against Russias economy.

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