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UAE Introduces New Law to Combat Crypto Crime, Allows Licensed Cryptocurrency Offering & Promotion

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UAE Introduces New Law to Combat Crypto Crime, Allows Licensed Cryptocurrency Offering & Promotion

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is introducing new rules to market cryptocurrency development while curbing digital currency scams targeting investors in the united kingdom.

Beneath the new rules, crypto scammers will face prison time for 5 years and a penalty as high as AED 1 million (just over $272k), starting January 2, 2022.

Previously, the UAE laws banned promoting crypto but didnt penalize it, however now, in an initial for the united states, the amendments have already been introduced to punish those that promote or encourage a dealing in crypto that’s not officially recognized in the UAE or post misleading ads or inaccurate data about any product.

The brand new law may also punish those raising money from the general public with out a license from competent authorities.

It had been only last month that the brand new legislation was introduced by the UAE President within several legal reforms.

Similar to the remaining world, there’s been a growth in crypto scams in the UAE, with recent and publicized one being the DubaiCoin scam which claimed to be launched as Dubais official cryptocurrency.

It had been later found that the project was phishing data and money from investors. The Dubai Government then released the official statement in-may dismissing claims of the coin being the state crypto of Dubai, but many had fallen prey to the fraud already.

Dispute resolution lawyer at ADG Legal Kostubh Devnani said,

The positive news is that in addition to the new laws, and UAE upgrading efforts to combat financial crime, courts in other (particularly common law) jurisdictions have already been ready to grant remedies normally applicable to physical or tangible property to victims of crypto scams, such as for example freezing orders and orders for production of information.

The UAE will not recognize crypto as a legal tender, but you can find no direct bans on cryptocurrencies either.

Actually, those participating in crypto-related activities such as for example offering, issuing, promoting, listing, and trading of cryptocurrencies are needed beneath the new law to be licensed by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).

The brand new Online Security Law that replaces the prior law Concerning Anti-Cybercrimes is among the first comprehensive legal frameworks in your community to handle the risks linked to the illegal usage of cryptocurrencies and enhance consumer protection.


AnTy has been mixed up in crypto space full-time for over 2 yrs now. Before her blockchain beginnings, she caused the NGO, Doctor Without Borders as a fundraiser and since that time exploring, reading, and creating for different industry segments.

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