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UK energy crisis sparks rush for firewood despite polluting of the environment fears

Folks are buying up firewood and installing wood-burning stoves to heat their homes to lessen the impact of the hike in UK energy prices

Environment 2 September 2022

By Adam Vaughan

Wood burning in a wood-burning stove

Lots of people in the united kingdom are embracing wood fires for heating in order to avoid high bills for gas and electricity

Tim Gainey/Alamy

UK wood suppliers have reported an unprecedented surge popular for logs, briquettes along with other biomass products as households rush to minimise the impact of energy bills rising 80 % the following month.

However, experts cautioned a resurgence in burning wood in stoves, fires and boilers in the home could exacerbate polluting of the environment and damage peoples health.

What were seeing can be an absolute panic buy, such as a covid emptying of

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