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UK Rapper Aitch Drops NFT Music on Limewire Marketplace

UK-based rapper, Aitch is dropping their own NFTs on the Limewire marketplace. To celebrate the release of his debut album, Near Home, two unique NFTs will undoubtedly be released on the platform. Through this, fans can order physical CDs and vinyl records with original cover artwork and hand-signed posters, available exclusively on LimeWire.

Aitch, the united kingdom rapper, is releasing NFTs with LimeWire.

The Near Home NFTs on LimeWire

Near Home is Aitchs debut album, he could be launching two exclusive NFT collections on LimeWire. The collection has been completed in collaboration with Soga World and is dependant on his debut album, releasing on August 19th. One collection entails a physical copy of the brand new album as CD or Vinyl coupled with a restricted edition album cover, as the second collection comes as a Mystery Box with the opportunity to win a number of exclusive in-person benefits.

The Limited Edition NEAR Home album collection, includes only 500 copies (250 CDs, 250 Vinyls), possesses a signed poster, a physical CD or Vinyl with original alternative album art, in addition to a digital NFT art piece that is only on LimeWire. The CD bundle will set you back $25, as the Vinyl bundle costs $50, shipping included.

The Aitch Mystery Box NFT

The NEAR Home Mystery Box collection may be the second collection, with 100 copies of 16 different collectible digital trading cards & artworks developed by Funny Tummy in collaboration with Soga World totalling 1600 collectibles overall. For every purchase fans will receive among the 16 digital trading cards & art pieces randomly. Each copy will set you back 15 USD. 46 lucky holders could have the chance to win in-person experiences with Aitch. These includes ultimate lifelong show tickets, and spending a complete day recording a music video. Or finally, shopping with the Manchester Rapper.

The NFT which hides the unlimited lifetime ticket perk in the Mystery Box could be transferable. Which means that it could come at a hefty price on the secondary market. Particularly in the event that Aitch grows his group of fans.

About LimeWire

LimeWire is really a digital collectibles marketplace for music and the broader art and entertainment space. The business is opening the NFT collectibles market to the mainstream by improving user experience. Along with this, offering charge card payments and handling gas fees and also technical hurdles with respect to its users. Also, they are leveraging all of the great things about Web3.

LimeWire interviewed Aitch on YouTube talking about the NFT collection.

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