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Ukraine Live Briefing: Putin trumpets new hypersonic missiles; Russian Navy HQ hit in drone attack

RIGA, Latvia — Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the country’s annual Navy Day parade in St. Petersburg, said new hypersonic missiles will be deployed in the coming months — as the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea fleet was hit by a drone. Here’s the latest on Russia’s war in Ukraine and its ripple effects across the globe.

From our correspondents on the ground

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‘Horrific’ video apparently showing castration of Ukrainian fighter condemned. Amnesty International and the European Union have backed Kyiv in calling for an investigation into footage circulating online that appears to show pro-Russian forces castrating and executing a captive Ukrainian fighter, write The Washington Post’s Dalton Bennett and Ellen Francis.

Ukrainian officials pledged to identify the perpetrators after a series of gruesome videos recently surfaced on pro-Russian Telegram channels showing a group of men, one of them seen wearing pro-Russian symbols, castrating and executing a prisoner dressed in military fatigues with Ukrainian military insignia.

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