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Ukrainian minister says Russia blocking usage of medicines

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) Ukraines health minister has accused Russian authorities of committing a crime against humanity by blocking usage of affordable medicines in areas its forces have occupied since invading the united states 5 1/2 months ago.

Within an interview with The Associated Press, Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Liashko said Russian authorities repeatedly have blocked efforts to supply state-subsidized drugs to people in occupied cities, towns and villages.

Through the entire entire half a year of war, Russia have not (allowed) proper humanitarian corridors so we’re able to provide our very own medicines to the patients that require them, Liashko said, speaking at medical Ministry in Kyiv late Friday.

We think that these actions are increasingly being taken with intent by Russia, and we consider them to be crimes against humanity and war crimes which will be documented and you will be recognized, the minister said.

The Ukrainian government includes a program that delivers medications to people who have cancer and chronic health issues. The destruction of hospitals and infrastructure together with the displacement of around 7 million people in the country likewise have interfered with other styles of treatment, in accordance with US and Ukrainian officials.

The war in Ukraine has caused severe disruptions to the countrys state-run health service, that was undergoing major reforms, largely in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to invade on Feb. 24.

THE PLANET Health Organization said it recorded 445 attacks on hospitals along with other healthcare facilities by Aug. 11 that directly led to 86 deaths and 105 injuries.

But Liashko said the secondary effects were a lot more severe.

When roads and bridges have already been damaged in areas now controlled by the Ukrainian forces… it really is difficult to obtain somebody who had a coronary attack or perhaps a stroke to a healthcare facility, he said. Sometimes, we cant ensure it is with time, the ambulance cant make it happen with time. Thats why war causes a lot more casualties (than those killed in the fighting). Its lots that can’t be calculated. ___ Full dental coverage plans of the war in Ukraine: ___ Follow Gatopoulos at and Arhirova at

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