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Ukrainian Women & Children Captured by Russians ARE INCREASINGLY BEING Sold as Sex Slaves in UAE

This short article was originally published at The Post Millennial, part of the Human Events Media Group.

Based on the Daily Mail, American officials confirmed there are lost women and children which were directed at either Polish refugee camps or extracted from Ukraine right to Russia where they’re bartered into UAE servitude.

The revelation originates from a written report titled Modern Slavery In Dubai, published by the Washington Institute For Defence And Security and the NY Center For Foreign Policy Affairs.

Florian Schmitz helped author the report and said, Given the large-scale movement of vulnerable women and children from Ukraine into Russia because the start of the war, sometimes under duress, it appears highly likely a amount of them find yourself being trafficked to the UAE along with other countries.

In August of this past year, an identical situation occurred after Americas withdrawal in Afghanistan. Numerous incidents were reported at intake centers in the United Arab Emirates of girls from Afghanistan being presented to officials because the wives of much older men.

The issue of slavery in the UAE has even worsened after Russias invasion of Ukraine as women and children will undoubtedly be prime targets for traffickers.

The international community cannot and should never turn a blind eye to the problem and must hold those responsible to account, Schmitz said. Yet there’s little evidence that vulnerable folks are being protected.

Russia invaded Ukraine in February, and based on the US over 1.5 million refugees fled the united states in the initial ten days alone. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy fears that at the very least 200,000 children have gone missing because the start of conflict.

The taking of women and children from Polish refugee camps had grown so severe, based on the Mail on Sunday, that British Army veterans met up and intervened to handle the problem.

It is a problem that may have worsened because the start of war, as many women and children are forced to flee their homes in search of safety. Traumatised and vulnerable, they’ll be prime targets for traffickers, the report reads.

This, in conjunction with the necessity of Russian oligarchs who’ve decamped to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to flee Western sanctions to possess Russian-speaking staff, may very well be creating an ideal conditions for women and children to have no choice but in to the sex industry or domestic servitude, it continues.

Schmitz also said, The reports authors have already been extremely disappointed to visit a amount of programmes focusing on the cosseted and comfortable lifestyles of the uber-rich who live a carefree existence in places like Dubai, which includes been built on the backs of poorly paid, badly treated migrant workers.

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