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Uncool for school? Alec and Hilaria Baldwins 9-year-old daughters makeup sparks outrage and concern

For the kiddie set, back-to-school will include crayons, but lipstick is questionable.

Thats what parents say in response toan image of Alec and Hilaria Baldwins 9-year-old daughter Carmen. On Wednesday, Hilaria, who’s pregnant with her seventh child, shared an image to Instagram of the 4th grader wearing a dark burgundy lipstick and what is apparently mascara. The post quickly drew concern. Parents and experts noted that tinkering with makeup in the home could be childs play, but likely to elementary school with a completely done up face is inappropriate.

Parents ought to be wary of kids usage of makeup beyond your home until middle school, Jamie Ratner, a Maryland-based mom of two and writer of the book ParentPreneurs told The Post. She didnt start letting her daughter wear makeup until age 13, and only then on her behalf Bat Mitzvah.

Its [about] not wanting them at a younger age to be so centered on the direction they look, Ratner said. With regards to development, that might be the concern.

Hilaria Baldwin posted a photo on Instagram Wednesday with her 9-year-old daughter, Carmen, pictured here, wearing burgundy lipstick and mascara.
Hilaria Baldwin posted an image on Instagram Wednesday with her 9-year-old daughter, Carmen, pictured here, wearing burgundy lipstick and mascara.
Hilaria, Alec Baldwin and family.
Hilaria, Alec Baldwin and family.

Baldwins post comes weeks after Kourtney Kardashian, 43, got flack for letting her 10-year-old daughter Penelope contour her face with foundation in a video on social media marketing.Critics were quick to guage the truth star mom.

At her age she shouldnt be contouring [sic] and all that. Yeah, lipstick occasionally, but really? SMH poor thing by enough time shes 18 shes gonna be with implants looking like shes 30 smh, one critic said on Twitter.

Its not the 1st time the Baldwins have faced backlash for sending their 9-year-old out with makeup on. The social media marketing police sounded off in a thread on Reddit after Hilaria posted an image of Carmen in lipstick in August.

Kourtney Kardashian took flack a few weeks ago for allowing her 10-year-old to contour her face.
Kourtney Kardashian took flack a couple weeks ago for allowing her 10-year-old to contour her face.

Putting makeup on third graders to venture out is totally f- up. This isnt glitter-on-your-cheeks fairy costume vibes at allIts sexualization of a kid and its own extremely disgusting, an individual wrote.

Other parents, meanwhile, say age when kids ought to be permitted to wear constitute to school depends, and addressing the main of why they would like to wear it is essential.

Its an extremely slippery slope with just how our society is and the social media marketing our kids are increasingly being exposed . . . We as parents are forced with one of these difficult decisions of just how do we encourage freedom of expression and identity but additionally make an effort to preserve the innocence and encourage kids to be kids? Stephanie Dreyer, 47, a Los Angeles-based mom of three, said. She’s two daughters ages 16 and 18 and neither wore makeup to school until these were in senior high school, though they experimented previously.

Jamie Ratner and her 13-year-old daughter,  Lila.
Jamie Ratner and her 13-year-old daughter, Lila.
Thanks to Ratner

My girls were using eyeshadow [at home] watching YouTube tutorials and that has been their creative outlet, she said. But, she didnt permit them to wear makeup beyond your home, lest each goes out looking over the age of they’re and attract unhealthy attention.

We’d an open conversation in what is of interest about attempting to wear makeup what’s the reason? Could it be because everyones carrying it out? Is it since they dont feel pretty without it? Could it be peer pressure? There needs to be a dialogue on whats behind it, Dreyer said.

While allowing kids to creatively go to town is key to their growth, parenting experts caution that wearing constitute at school, especially in elementary and middle school, might have a negative influence on confidence.

Stephanie Dreyer and her daughters, Alex and Gaby Dreyer. Dreyer said her girls didn't start wearing makeup until they entered high school.
Stephanie Dreyer and her daughters, Alex and Gaby Dreyer.
Thanks to Dreyer

Many middle schoolers have a problem with self-esteem issues as their health commence to change. Its natural they become more worried about their clothes and hair, & most parents think its fine for his or her middle schooler to begin with wearing lip gloss. Dr. Laura Markham, writer of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids told The Post. But, it elementary school kids want to wear makeup, thats an underlying cause for concern that warrants a conversation together with your child about whats behind their Maybelline desires.

Markham said, Its very important to parents to talk to kids concerning the pressure on girls to match societal standards of beauty,

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