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Underwater robot scans seabed to search out probably the most harmful pollution

A robot built with AI image recognition can identify and map rubbish on the seafloor to greatly help prioritise clean-up operations towards probably the most toxic materials

Technology 10 August 2022

By Matthew Sparkes

An underwater robot can autonomously scan large regions of seabed to recognize plastic, rubber and metal rubbish using artificial intelligence image recognition. The technology can help focus the limited budgets for clean-up efforts on probably the most toxic and environmentally damaging materials.

Trygve Olav Fossum and his colleagues at the Norwegian firm Skarv Technologies created a 45-kilogram underwater robot built with stereo cameras, while researchers at Ecotone, another firm in Norway, produced a spectrometer that may identify the material an object is constructed of even through metres of murky water.

The robot scours the seabed far away of 2

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