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Urgent butter recall: Check your fridge because of this butter from the major supermarket chain

Epicurean Butter issued a recall for 3.5-ounce tubs of Wegmans Lemon Dill Finishing Butter. The recall employs among its suppliers (SupHerb Farms) recalled frozen dill products that could be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

The current presence of this bacteria in foods usually results in recalls. Thats as the microorganism can result in life-threatening illnesses using types of people.

Epicurean Wegmans Lemon Dill Finishing Butter recall

Epicurean issued the butter recall this week. THE UNITED STATES Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement can be acquired as of this link.

The business received notice from its herb supplier that one plenty of frozen dill could contain Listeria. The notice came after internal testing in one of the suppliers food manufacturing customers in Canada which used the ingredient in another of its products.

Epicurean butter recall: The top label of Wegmans Lemon Dill Finishing Butter tubs.
Epicurean butter recall: The very best label of Wegmans Lemon Dill Finishing Butter tubs. Image source: FDA

Epicurean distributed the butter out of this recall in a variety of states via Wegmans GROCERY STORES. Buyers in NY, Pennsylvania, NJ, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, NEW YORK, and Washington DC should ensure their butter supply isnt section of the recall.

The merchandise will come in a 3.5-ounce black plastic packaging with a Wegmans label round the lid. The recall only concerns butter tubs with UPC code: 0 77890 44324 8.

Customers should search for the next lot number and expiration dates by the label round the cup.

  • Lot #16314, Expiration Date: 44747
  • Lot #16357, Expiration Date: 44758
  • Lot #16438, Expiration Date: 44763
  • Lot #16536, Expiration Date: 44782
  • Lot #16619, Expiration Date: 44797
  • Lot #16702, Expiration Date: 44818
  • Lot #16722, Expiration Date: 44819
  • Lot #16761, Expiration Date: 44826
  • Lot #16797, Expiration Date: 44834
  • Lot #16829, Expiration Date: 44840
  • Lot #16902, Expiration Date: 44852
  • Lot #17037, Expiration Date: 44882

Only the Wegmans butter products above are section of the Epicurean recall.

Listeria infections

The business says it have not received any reports of illness linked to the Wegmans butter in the recall. However the theoretical threat of infection remains.

Healthy individuals who contract the condition might suffer short-term symptoms, including high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. But Listeria could cause a life-threatening illness for small children, the elderly, and folks with weakened immune systems.

Also, women that are pregnant risk developing significant complications, including stillbirths, miscarriages, and newborn infections.

Epicurean butter recall: The UPC code location on the Wegmans Lemon Dill Finishing Butter tubs label.
Epicurean butter recall: The UPC code is situated on the Wegmans Lemon Dill Finishing Butter tubs label. Image source: FDA

List of positive actions

Customers who’ve purchased the Wegmans Lemmon Dill Finishing Butter in the Epicurean recall should avoid consuming it. The business urges clients to come back the butter to the area of purchase for a complete refund.

Also, consumers who think theyve experienced symptoms in keeping with a Listeria infection should contact their doctors.

Finally, the Epicurean Wegmans butter recall can be acquired as of this link. Youll find contact information for the business when you have questions.

Information regarding the SupHerb Farms dill recall can be acquired as of this link.

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