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BIG Technology is emerging now and ramping this decade. Early innovators and adopters will win. Those that spend money on the winners may also win. Late adopters will eventually lose badly. In the same way those that were earliest on the net and electric cars were winners.

Early adopting countries won past technological shifts. The ranking of countries depends upon Industrialization levels and energy per capita.

The brand new technologies are on that scale. They’ll determine which countries and companies dominate the century.

Electricity, energy and industrialization levels in a country determine the amount of wealth in a country. Mechanization is indeed vital that it sorts and ranks how well a country has performed in the last 200 years. The degrees of self driving vehicles and humanoid bot adoption will undoubtedly be on that level. The amount of bots in a country will determine the per capita wealth.

Innovator and early adopter companies will win and late adopters will undoubtedly be relative losers.

We’ve seen the BIG winner dynamic play out during the last 25 years with the big winners in internet and smartphones obtaining a dominating share of overall profits and market value.

The humanoid factory bot, warehouse loading and unloading bots and delivery bots will undoubtedly be established this decade.

This is how AI and robotics matching humans at physical tasks will transform the economy and multiply the economy hundreds and a large number of times. It really is truly another degree of making and moving things.

Multiplying labor will undoubtedly be huge economically.

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