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US Border Agents COULD HAVE a Copy of one’s TEXTS

Welp, Uber got hacked. The attacker, who claims to be 18 yrs . old, seems to have gained full usage of Ubers systems. Even though the business has confirmed the breach, its downplaying the incident by claiming it does not have any evidence that the attacker accessed users trip logs or other sensitive data. For a breach of the severity, relatively few details were available lately Friday afternoon, so be equipped for another shoe to drop.

Earlier in the week, former Twitter security chief Peiter Mudge Zatko testified prior to the US Senate Judiciary Committee to help expand detail his claims contrary to the company. Blowing the whistle carries serious security risks, but Zatkos efforts seem to be getting the intended effect. As WIRED contributor Matt Laslo reported, the hearing has reignited US lawmakers ambitions to raised regulate Big Tech.

This week also saw the release of Apples iOS 16, which includes two new security features that people hope youll will never need to utilize. We spoke with Ukraines cyberwar chief, Yurii Shchyhol, who provided a good update on the digital battlefront in the countrys war with Russia. And we dove in to the contentious fight in america Congress on the passage of a fresh federal privacy law which has some unexpected opposition.

But wait, theres more! Every week, we highlight the news headlines we didnt cover in-depth ourselves. Go through the headlines below to learn the entire stories. And remain safe on the market.

If youve crossed a US border recently, theres the opportunity all your texts, contacts, call records, and much more are actually stored in a database built by Customs and Border Protectioneven if youre a US citizen. Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, revealed this week that CBP copies data from as much as 10,000 devices each year. Agents search these to, tablets, and computers without warrants. And this content removed the devices is stored in a central database accessible to 2,700 Department of Homeland Security personnel, in accordance with information CBP commissioner Chris Magnus provided to Wyden. CBP defended the practice to be relative to statutory and regulatory authorities, while Wyden condemned it being an egregious violation of citizens constitutional rights.

The truth that we have been constantly being surveilledand surveilling ourselvesshouldnt be considered a shocker. But its a very important factor to learn youre being watched and quite another to view it doing his thing. That eerie feeling reaches the biggest market of Belgian artist Dries Depoorters new project, The Follower. Using AI, geotagged Instagram photos, and publicly accessible surveillance cameras, Depoorter found CCTV video of the precise moments people snapped their Instagram pics. Its a potent reminder that someone, somewhere could possibly be spying you anytime youre out in public areas (and another reason never to add geotags to photos you share online).

THE UNITED STATES Department of Justice this week indicted three Iranian nationals for allegedly following a group of ransomware attacks that targeted a swath of entities in at the very least five countries, like the US, UK, Russia, Israel, and Iran. Victims in america include utility companies in Mississippi and Indiana, based on the Justice Department, in addition to a township and an accounting firm, both in NJ. Other targets include entities in medical care sector and a domestic violence center. Individuals accused of the ransomware attacksMansur Ahmadi, Ahmad Khatibi, and Amir Hossein Nickaeinare now on the FBIs Most Wanted list, and the united states STATE DEPT. has issued a $10 million reward for information that helps result in their identification or location.

Parents and teachers were aghast this week following a prankster hacked the favorite school messaging app Seesaw and spammed users with the infamous image referred to as goatse. (Dont Google it.) As the company didnt say just how many of its an incredible number of users were affected, NBC News reports that school districts in Illinois, NY, Oklahoma, and Texas said these were subjected to the image. Seesaw spokesperson Sunniya Saleem confirmed that specific user accounts were compromised by another actor and that the business is taking the problem extremely seriously since it attempts to avoid further spread of the images from being sent or seen by any Seesaw users.

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