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US Facial Toner Prompts Skin Cell Turnover For Acne, Bites & Abrasions

I’M OXYGEN knows how much cash we all devote to the skin we have and just how many products most of us buy. Thats why they will have used the most recent scientific research to create a product to displace others, a concentrated oxygen-boosting, clarifying mist.

The brand new mist, to create Rejuvenator – Skin Cell Therapy, works upon the principle that oxygen improves the skins natural processes of repair and rejuvenation. I’M OXYGENs advanced formulation contains 350,000 ppm of pure stabilized active oxygen that’s bound in Atlantic sea salt.

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The launch of these new mist coincides with the most recent health report from Healthline. Following on from the growing popularity of oxygen-based skin treatments, their researchers reported that oxygen hydrates your skin layer and helps serums be infused involved with it. Additionally, it may improve your the circulation of blood and cellular metabolism, resulting in added radiance, a decrease in fine lines, and a far more even complexion.

Moreover, as Healthline attests, it’s been more developed that oxygen accelerates wound healing, which includes positive implications in case you have a condition of the skin like acne, cold sores, eye sty, or diaper rash.

I’M OXYGEN believes that, due to their innovative delivery type of an oxygen-boosting clarifying mist, you will observe a lot more skin enrichment benefits. Along with improving your skins capability to heal and creating more dewy, firm and glowing skin, they believe their new spray can help soothe your skin layer irritations, restore your skins elasticity, boost collagen production, and are an everyday pollution defender. Rejuvenator ought to be used after any medical spa treatment. The merchandise immediately offers rest from resurfacing procedures.

With an increase of people surviving in big, polluted cities than previously, sufficient reason for current climate change trends auguring another where the suns Ultra violet rays are a lot more potent, your skin layer must face more damage each day. As such, the business believes that their skin rejuvenation, hydration and cleansing face spray can diminish the consequences of pollution, assist in the pain connected with sunburns and also your daily diet fluctuations.

I’M OXYGEN recommends that you utilize the antioxidant-rich Rejuvenator daily as a facial toner. It prompts skin cell turnover, it really is both safe and beneficial for those who have acne, bites, skin abrasions, sun burn, medical spa resurfacing or any pain linked to your skin.

I’M OXYGEN is really a Utah-based supplement and beauty company that’s passionate about creating bioavailable lifestyle and skincare products which are 100% natural, plant-based, vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic, and stated in a GMP (pharmaceutical) manufacturing unit.

A spokesperson for the business said, Filled with pure stabilized active oxygen, I’M OXYGEN is really a scientific wonder, our clients call it “magic water” but we realize it isn’t magic, its science. Our products usually do not contain hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide to create the liquid oxygen. We work with a proprietary process that uses the water itself to generate polyatomic tetraoxygen or oxozone (O4); it really is then suspended in a saline solution that’s filled with trace minerals. This enables the oxygen to stay in the answer for 2 24 months before it dissipates. I’M OXYGEN is with the capacity of improving cellular metabolism, accelerating the healing processes, reducing skin irritations, and of producing an anti-inflammatory effect, which provides relief and recovery. As soon as you feel its power and understand the mechanics of how stabilized active oxygen might help all cells of your body, you won’t ever be without it.”

Because of I’M OXYGEN, the continuing future of skincare is here now today.

Visit to observe how oxygen could make an improvement to your skincare routine.

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