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Utilize the Junebug Cleaning Method Once the Mess Gets Overwhelming

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I’m not just a naturally neat person. I try, but its never been an especially easy or intuitive process. During calmer times, I’m able to manage, however when life gets chaotic, that is pretty much constantly now, keeping the home clean feels as though an almost-impossible task. Of these times, one handy survival trick Ive learned may be the junebug approach to cleaning.

This is actually the approach to cleaning for those who, not only is it bad at cleaning, may also be exhausted, frazzled, distracted and only have several shreds of executive functioning left. The junebug method isn’t probably the most efficient solution to clean, neither is it probably the most photogenic, nonetheless it are certain to get you started, even though the easy act to do anything seems impossible.

What’s junebugging?

Like the way a junebug will attempt, again and again, to obtain through different spots on a window screen, junebug cleaning is once you select a specific spot inside your home that you would like to clean, like the drain that’s piled high with dirty dishes, and go back to that same spot, again and again, no matter just how many times you’re wandering away to accomplish another thing.

Junebugging is cleaning by distraction, an activity where you put a few of the dirty dishes in to the dishwasher, and then get distracted by the pile of the laundry that must go in the washer, which reminds you there are a million LEGO scattered over the family room floor, which in turn alerts your attention back again to the dishes which are on your kitchen counter, which in turn brings you back again to your kitchen sink, where you again put even more of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and (finally) transform it on. As Megan Griffith writes for Yahoo:

It isnt about finishing tasks within an orderly, step-by-step manner. Its about getting something done, even though it isnt everything you attempt to do. You may start 20 different small cleaning tasks and only finish five, but thats way much better than in the event that you got overwhelmed in the beginning and didnt do anything. Maybe I didnt obtain the dishes loaded, but rather, I started laundry because I saw my husbands socks, or possibly I found my sons toys because I tripped over them when i was walking from the couch to the laundry, or possibly I even went food shopping because I realized we were out of dishwasher tablets.

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In-between, there is going to be a toddler whining for snacks, a telephone call from the contractor in regards to a quote so you can get your bathrooms fixtures repaired, and work emails to react to.

Rather than utilizing the few shreds of mental energy you have gone to plan and prioritize what must be cleaned, sometimes its easier to just lean in to the chaos, doing whatever is before you that requires doing, together with your one conscious thought being to come back to the initial spot you’re attempting to clean. Given how exhausted and frazzled you’re at the start of everything, even those clean dishes and fresh clothes will feel just like a goddamn miracle.

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