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Valve says it’ll ship all current Steam Deck reservations by the finish of 2022

If youve been patiently looking forward to Valve to ship that Steam Deck you reserved months ago, you might not need to wait an excessive amount of longer to really get your hands on these devices. The business claims it’ll be in a position to fulfill all current Steam Deck reservations by the finish of the entire year.

Valve says that lots of of its supply chain issues are easing and its own in a position to continue increasing production. It has moved some peoples scheduled deliveries around the 3rd quarter (i.e. between now and the finish of September). All the outstanding reservations are actually scheduled for delivery in Q4. Individuals who secure a reservation at this time should be in a position to get one with time for the vacation season. After Valve reaches its convenience of that period, it’ll start filling the delivery queue for early 2023.

The update comes per month after Valve said it had been doubling the amount of weekly Steam Deck shipments. It is a rare sliver of positive news for a sought-after little bit of gaming hardware, given the supply chain issues that have stymied PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X production. Who knows? We would even start to see the Steam Deck on retail shelves before too much time.

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