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Venice: Darren Aronofskys The Whale and Brendan Frasers Potential Career Comeback Gets Rapturous Seven-Minute Ovation

Brendan Frasers go back to the films was greeted having an adoring reception on Sunday night in Venice, the one that appeared to even catch the star himself by surprise.

The Whale Darren Aronofskys A24 drama touted as a lifetime career comeback for Fraser, the former Hollywood main character who effectively disappeared from the silver screen had recently been hyped among the must-watch films of the festival, also it garnered hugely positive responses after its first press screening on Saturday. The crowd at the planet premiere on the Lido was in the same way enthusiastic, giving the film a boisterous seven-minute standing ovation.

Fraser gave several bows and was holding back tears as he were shaken and shocked by the reaction. The actor stopped to sign autographs and pose for photos on the stairs, and he also shared a hug and a speak to Steve Buscemi, who was simply seated several rows back.

Adapted from Samuel D. Hunters stage play, The Whale sees Fraser as a 600-pound recluse looking for redemption, while family and friends seek to provide him support and in addition exploit his good nature. Hong Chau and Sadie Sink also star.

Speaking at the films press conference early in the day, Fraser children name in the 1990s and early 2000s for major films including The Mummy franchise, George of the Jungle and much more dramatic titles such as for example Crash said he was just attempting to stay static in the today, when asked if The Whale could mark a comeback. Im looking towards how this film can make a deep impression on everyone, much since it is wearing me.

He also described his character as a light within an enclosed dark space and someone with special resonance in todays world of turmoil and decisiveness.

Following its Venice splashdown, The Whale travels to the Toronto International Film Festival before its UNITED STATES release on Dec. 9.

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