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Video: Can a beverage give a brain boost?

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Perhaps you have viewed the lineup of carbonated drinks offered by your supermarket lately? A large number of new forms of beverages claim to provide an array of health advantages. Some include ingredients such as for example nootropics and adaptogens, which claim to boost brain function.

In this Mayo Clinic Minute, Dr. Brent Bauer, a Mayo Clinic internist, explains what you ought to find out about these supplements and when they can really help boost brain power.

“Nootropics are usually regarded as items that help the mind. Fish oil falls for the reason that category. Many people consider that something best for the mind,” says Dr. Bauer. “Adaptogens will be the herbs which are often regarded as sort of balancing effect. So if you are a little on top of something, that lowers it. If you are just a little low on something, that raises it.”

While these are natural and sometimes within , Dr. Bauer says it generally does not mean they’re safe for everybody.

“Being natural isn’t a guarantee at all, shape or type of being safe,” says Dr. Bauer.

Much like any supplement, Dr. Bauer says people should talk with their healthcare team to ensure brain boost drinks won’t hinder other medications.

So when far as what type of health benefit the products can offer, he says don’t expect an instant fix.

Credit: Mayo Clinic

“Maybe in a few select patients, there could be some that may be beneficial. But I believe at this stage, in line with the evidence we’ve up to now, the effectsif they’re thereare pretty modest and most likely not visible to the .”

An improved bet will be concentrating on proven ways of reduce threat of cognitive decline, like getting exercise, great nutrition and good sleep.

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