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Video: LSU Fan Walks onto Field and Watches Play During Win vs. Southern

Lance King/Getty Images

The LSU Tigers cruised to a 65-17 victory against Southern on Saturday, but before the game ended, something bizarre happened.

An LSU fan made his way onto the field all the way to the 10-yard line and watched as a play unfolded not too far from him. Security later approached him and then placed him in handcuffs as they walked him off the field:

Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

This fan casually walked onto the 10-yard line in the middle of the game and watched a play 😂❓

(via @SethLewisInc)

It’s incredibly rare to see a fan get that far onto the field without already being chased by security guards. Nonetheless, he’ll likely face some sort of discipline for his actions.

LSU, which improved to 1-1, will take on Mississippi State next Saturday.

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