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Video: Precisely how did Verstappen win from 14th at Spa?

Even from 14th on the grid, Verstappen was always tipped to obtain in the fight for victory such was his pace through the weekend. Nonetheless it was a fight he won with relative ease, crossing the line 17 seconds free from the field to increase his championship advantage to 93 points.

It marked a substantial defeat for Ferrari and Charles Leclerc, who could only finish sixth and admitted the pace Verstappen showed in Belgium was “a little worrying” and that winning the championship from here will be “extremely difficult”.

But precisely how did Verstappen win at Spa from up to now back at Spa? Debriefing all the action, Autosport F1 Reporter Luke Smith is joined by Autosport F1 Editor Matt Kew for the most recent edition of Paddock Packdown.

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