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Virginia Beach restricts cellular phone use during school

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) Virginia Beachs school system is becoming among the latest to look at policies and regulations that restrict cellular phone usage during school hours.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that beneath the regulations, students must keep their mobile phones off and set aside in an individual bag or in a teacher designated area during instructional time or in instructional settings.

This consists of in case a student leaves the classroom and in auditoriums, gyms, locker rooms and much more.

Teachers may also not be permitted to permit students to utilize mobile phones to to fill instructional time or even to occupy students instead of providing instructional activities or as an incentive.

Virginia Beach Education Association President Kathleen Slinde said the business is encouraging students and their own families to adhere to the brand new regulation, since it can help reduce distractions in the classroom.

Accommodations will undoubtedly be designed for students who need their devices for medical or other reasons which are contained in their individualized education program or 504 plan.

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